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February 22 2012


We will switch our API to HTTPS-only. Starting March 30th 2012, the mite.api will redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS. If you do not access the API via HTTPS yet, please update your code. Hopefully, five weeks will be more than enough time to change your code unhurriedly. Please support this update and help make mite more secure!

October 28 2011

Hourly rate

In about two weeks, we'll release an update that will enable users to also specify hourly rates per customer and per project. Up front, we'd like to give you an idea what will change for you if you're a user of the mite.api.

First: There will be no changes that will break the existing API. Only two additional attributes will be added to projects and customers.

What will change is the logic which hourly rate gets applied to a given time entry. Prior to the upcoming changes, this was rather simple: it only depended on the service of the time entry. Now this will get slightly more complex: it will also depend on the customer and the project of the time entry, and on what kind of hourly rate was specified for them.

If you didn't implemented any of the former simple logic in your code, you shouldn't have to modify anything. But if you did, we strongly advise you to remove this logic completely from your implementations and start to use only the revenue attribute on time entries (or time entry groups). Thus, mite can handle the complexity for you, and there will be no differences between different implementations. Believe us: there are enough edge cases!

In case you'd like to implement the new interface to modify hourly rates and how they get applied on projects and customers, please stay tuned. We'll update the documentation of the mite.api shortly after the release.

Any questions left? Please don't hesitate to contact us, preferably via e-mail.
Tags: release

December 23 2010

Please note: mite.php brakes due to Rails 3 update

On December 22nd at 1:00 CET, we updated mite to Rails 3. Probably because of this update, the unofficial wrapper mite.php broke. At the moment, neither the developer nor team.mite know why exactly, we're still investigating the root of this problem.

If you're affected, please grab the temporary (dirty) fix from GitHub. Sorry for the hassle!

UPDATE January 14

There is an updated Version of mite.php available on GitHub. It avoids chunked transfer encoding, which was the cause for the issue. Thanks @momobil for the hint and @thomas for the update.

October 08 2010

Fixed a bug

For the first hour after the latest update, the mite.API returned the latest 30 time entries only. It's fixed now. So sorry!

Time entry search: error handling

Instead of ignoring invalid search criteria (such as a wrongly formatted date or an unknown group statement) and returning – in fact – wrong results, mite now answers your request with a descriptive error message.

May 31 2010

mite-rb 0.3.0 released

We just released a new version of our ruby-wrapper for the mite.api: mite-rb 0.3.0. »mite-rb/0.3.0« will be send as default user agent string along with your api requests from now on. Please make sure to change it to something more meaningful to your application. See the documentation for more details.

April 27 2010

Release: Time entries with multiline notes

We just pushed an update to our servers; including the support of multiline notes on time entries from the browser.

Read more in our blog.
Tags: release

April 21 2010

Notice: Time entries with multiline notes

Next week we will release an update, supporting multiline notes on time entries from the browser.

Multiline notes are supported via the mite.api since day one. But there will be an increasing number of time entries created with the browser that use this feature; so you may want to check if it breaks your implementations. As mentioned, it is already possible to create multiline notes with the current mite.api for testing purposes.

This update will be released in the course of the next week (April 26th – April 30th)
Tags: new_feature

March 02 2010

Scheduled Maintenance: March 7th

mite will be offline on Sunday, March 7th between 3am and 5am CET.

Details on our blog.

January 13 2010

Release: Bookmarks & note bugfix gone live

I just deployed a new version of mite to our servers, including the new bookmarks feature and the bugfix for the wrong default value of note.

If you encounter any failures or have an idea how to improve the mite.api, please get in touch.

Furthermore I added the new bookmark feature to our official ruby wrapper mite-rb.
Tags: release

January 11 2010

New: Read bookmarks via the API

This update adds the possibility to read the users bookmarks via the API. Bookmarks are pre- and user-defined sets of criterias to filter time entries. Detailed information on how to use this feature can be found in the documentation of the mite.api.

This update will be published on January 13th.
Tags: new_feature

Wrong default value of note

When creating customers, projects and services via the mite.api and omitting the optional note attribute, the current version of mite will default the value of the note to NULL, instead of an correct empty string.

This is an inconsistency with the documentation and other objects (for example time entries) and will be fixed by an update on 13th January.

Existing note attributes in our database with a value of NULL will also be corrected to an empty string.
Tags: bugfix
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